To cool things efficiently

Cav-El, or Cavitation Electricity is the use of the Electric Energy (Power) that is produced during  Cavitation in a magnetic field.

To cool anything, we usually move heat energy from the cold object to the hotter ambient surroundings up the thermal gradient with the
expenditure of work to accomplish this task; if we instead pass the same quantity of energy in the form of electricity no work is needed.

Cryogenic De-magnetization is a well-known process that can perform this.  Yet this process is limited by magnetic hysteresis. We therefore need
a process that exists at the bottom of thermal cycle and can convert extreme amounts of heat energy into electric energy, Cav-El is such a
process.  Cavitation of Compressed Metallic Lithium in a magnetic field at cryogenic temperatures

       The current cooling of computer data server centers uses a large quantity of electric energy.  This problem is two problems.  First, the current
       silicon computer chips generate a lot of heat energy per cycle, if Josephson Junction technology is employed instead of silicon technology the
      waste heat and chip cycle time are both reduced.  To achieve this we must be able to cool the computer racks to the cryogenic temperatures that 
       the Josephson Junction Technology operates at.  The Cav-El technology is the only technology that can economically cool to the 20-40 Kelvin
       temperature that the Josephson in practical systems.

         I have spent the better  part of forty years perfecting this technology, the time has now come for the world to adopt it.

For more technical detail click, here. There has been much improvement and refinement in this since this paper was publish.  For current refinements and improvements see the USPTO site.

Daniel Deeks