Today the  most people perceive that the entire universe is driven by the laws of thermodynmics, but this mistaken belief is akin to the belief that the earth is flat.  The laws of thermodynamics are actually a set of rules that truely apply to static dissipative systems that are in equilibrium with their envioinment; they should not be employed to generate power and/or convert heat to electricity.   These collection rule which have a very specific and limited appicaton to natural  phenomena.  In particular cavitation in liquids and soft solids vioate the general notion that an increase in entropy leads to a  increase in disorder of such liluids or solids.  Cavitation being a heat energy to electronic (i.e. electrical) transfer phenomena that leads to a more ordered state; a decrease in temperatiure and anrise in the electrons shell level .  It is this energy conversion process that shall liberate humanity from its dependance on fossil fuels.

This is the website of the  "Entropy Driven Absolute Negative Pressure Systems for the Future of Electric Power"  the spontaneous ambient heat to electric energy tranfer technology, the one and only Completely Clean Energy Technology - The Clean Energy Solution.

"For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are." -- Nicolo Machiavelli

This technology became a reality when on September 28, 2014 the lithium inside the sapphire cell was successfully cavitated at cryogenic LN2 temperatures ( ~ 74 Kelvin) using a 915nm fiber coupled laser at a power setting of 150Watts and using optics that produced a spot size of approximately 0.23mm incident on an optical dopant of solid Boron Four Carbonate, B4C, acting as a heating element embedded inside the lithium.  Opening the gate to a new era of clean unlimited renewable energy at an energy cost cheaper than coal and as abundant as air we breath.

Ambient heat energy is ALWAY available unlike other renewable or alternative energy sources such as wind or solar. These devices are modular / portable and can be attached to the power grid using a commercially available inverter, or used to power an electric vehicle without the need of a battery.

The Energy Paradigm Shift:

The majority of mankind views a liquid, gas or compressible solid as a collection of particles bouncing off each other. This gives rise to the general notion of absolute positive pressure as the force of these colliding particles bouncing off the walls of their macroscopic container.  This ingrained thought process of positive pressure leads to the philosophical conclusion that all things disperse over time.  Heat disperses  in a cold room ...etc.
Yet, this widely held belief while correct in the general sense is false in the specific.  For there exist in nature vey well know and documented physical systems which experience absolute negative pressure.  Media which experiences absolute negative pressure spontaneously contracts/collapses into itself. It must be realize that this is spontaneous contraction is non-adiabatic and the heat energy in the median is transferred to raise the energy level of the electrons in a certain area of the media. Heat collects and is spontaneously and directly transferred to raise the energy level of the electrons in the media. Heat is collected and is transferred directly to electric energy!

For more background please see the  "Absolute Negative Pressure Primer"  page of this website (available at the top and bottom of this page).

The Energy Paradigm Shift in more formal terms:

The physical systems that we encounter in our daily lives are for the most part absolute positive pressure, that is δS/δV > 0, (where S is entropy and V is volume). These systems have historically power our societies, yet all absolute positive pressure systems, whether Carnot or Sterling are energy dissipative systems which can’t efficiently extract heat energy to generate electric power. There exist in nature absolute negative pressure systems (i.e., δS/δV < 0),  these are entropy driven energy collective systems which transfer vast quantities of Heat (i.e. Bose)  energy to electric current ( i.e. Fermi) energy. The process for this energy transfer is very well know and documented.

A medium under absolute negative pressure spontaneously contracts so as maintain or increase its entropy.  This causes the creation of bubbles or cavities in the media, hence the well known term of cavitation.  Looking deeper into the creation, expansion and collapse of these bubble(s). All media above absolute zero have a heat field within them. 

During these contractions (bubble expansion) the heat (Bose) energy (enthalpy), phonons, contained in the contracted media is (are)  transferred to electric (Fermi) energy by raising the Fermi energy levels on the electrons in the media.

When the media expands (bubble collapse) this electron energy is emitted as “black body radiation” or to a magnetic field if there is one present and if this field has the correct magnetic field strength intensity range. Such physical processes are well known as cavitation or bubble formation, expansion and collapse.


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