Power a Tractor Trailer semi’s

 Cav-El, or Cavitation Electricity is the use of the Electric Energy (Power) that is produced during
Cavitation in a magnetic field.

The world around us contains an abundance of energy, enthalpy or heat energy.  We now have the ability to make use of the temperature difference
between ambient temperature and  20 degrees Kelvin. At the water freezes at  273, meaning at this temperature we still have a temperature spread of
250K (250 degreees C or  450 dergees F).  This has great economic benefit for example  tractor trailers  drivers spend between  $50,000 to $70,000
annually on diesel fuel, imagine the cost savings using this heat energy to drive a tractor trailer, car, locomotive.  The question now becomes, how do we
accomplish this.

To begin we need a little review.

Most people wrongly believe that all processes in nature are governed by the Law Of
Thermodynamics, however there are specific caveats to the application of these general rules:

  1. The system must be at equilibrium, this hold not hold true for the entropy driven  systems
described herein.  Equilibrium system are by their very nature are slow processes that  require the system to remain in equilibrium.

Entropy driven process are dynamic processes; which are extremely rapid or spontaneous,  in which extremely large quantities of heat energy can be converted  to electrical energy in very small volume (ie. Compact).

  1. The basis of the Laws of Thermodynamics is that heat dissipates  while general observations of the reality seem to validate this view, it is blatantly false. There exist natural processes that are heat energy collective (i.e. absolute negative pressure) systems. These systems in collecting heat energy must put this energy somewhere.  The collected energy is stored in raising the electron energy level  in the medium subject to this absolute negative pressure. We therefore have systems that collect huge quantities of heat energy and spontaneously convert this to electric energy! (Usable Electric Power)

This has tremendous economic benefit, consider the owner/operator of a tractor trailer now being able to eliminate all of their fuel costs, year after year.  The pass on benefits to their employers and ultimately to the consumer is astounding.

It must be point out that while we are taking heat energy out of the atmosphere to power  things, these things are subject to friction which returns this heat energy to the environment  (i.e. atmosphere).  There is in general no heat change to the environment.  It cannot be over emphasized that while our perception of nature leads us to question this, the physics of cavitation and sonoluminescence force us to realize that our perception of nature is flawed.

The US and most of the world is turning to Solar and Wind Energy to power their economies these systems are not viable in the environment of nature, nor are they compact and portable as the technology briefly described above. Solar Electric have a short lifespan and then are high technology toxic waste. The composite blades wind turbines (mills) delaminating in a very few number of years

I have spent the better  part of forty years perfecting this technology, the time has now come for the world to adopt it.

For more technical detail click click here to get the IEEE Xplore white paper. ​​​​​​​

There has been much improvement and refinement in this since this paper was publish.  For current refinements and improvements see the USPTO site.

Daniel Deeks